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Coming Soon on 32 Bar Records

Jason Trio - Live @ The Barrel Thief - Click HERE to pre-order

"Jason Jenkins is not only one of the most important jazz musicians based in Richmond, Virginia but a world class bassist and songwriter."

            Scott Yanow, 
Author of ten jazz books including Bebop, Trumpet Kings, Jazz On Record 1917-76 and Jazz On Film

Hello Jazz lovers, thanks for stopping by! This is a very exciting time fo as partner Alan Parker and I have officially launched a new music label, 32 Bar Records. We look to  release several outstanding recordings this fall from popular Virginia groups. Please sign up for the mailing list so you won't miss out on some great music. I would like to thank everyone who has been coming to the Barrel Thief Cafe weekly to support local music. This venue have turned into a great listening spot. All of our upcoming performances can be found here. The Jason Jenkins Quartet's new release, The Cole Porter Songbook is now available.